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SprinkSpec Design LLC Protects You

SprinkSpec Design LLC is committed to providing you the necessary fire sprinkler inspection, test and design so that your facility, property and most importantly, your people are protected.

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SprinkSpec Design LLC

Serving the Fire Protection Industry


Our team has over 20 years of experience in the fire protection industry. Contact us today and our technicians will conduct the required inspection, test and maintenance to get your sprinkler system and components compliant per applicable NFPA codes or per city Authority Having Jurisdiction 'AHJ' requirements.

Our dedicated designers will help you implement the appropriate system design for your facility based on your unique requirements and hazard protection.

SprinkSpec Design is a full service, licensed and insured, fire protection contractor providing design, repair, maintenance, inspection and testing of your fire protection life safety systems.

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Services Provided

Inspection Services: Yearly Fire Protection per NFPA 25, Internal Pipe Inspection
Testing Services: Fire Pump Performance Test & Maintenance, Main Drain Test, Hydrostatic Test, Glycol/Antifreeze Test, Backflow Test, Fire Hydrant Flow Test
Design Services:Fire Sprinkler System

(wet, dry, pre-action, deluge, in-rack, ESFR, hose standpipe)

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Inspection Services

A sprinkler system’s ability to operate and function properly is the best defense to protect your building, property and personnel. NFPA 25 code address the operating condition of fire protection systems as well as impairment handling and reporting and applies to fire protections systems that have been properly installed in accordance with generally accepted practice. In addition to the monthly, quarterly, semiannually, and annual inspections and tests, NFPA 25 has very detailed and specific inspection, testing, and maintenance services that need to be performed on a three and five year basis. Further, many insurance agencies require a minimum inspection and test to be performed. Because of their complexity, and to comply with state law, these services must be performed by a licensed fire protection contractor.

Where changes in occupancy, hazard, water supply, storage commodity and arrangement, building modifications, or other condition that affects the installation criteria of the system is identified, the property owner or designated representative shall promptly take steps to evaluate the adequacy of the installed system in order to protect the building or hazard in question.   

Where an evaluation reveals that the installed system is inadequate, the property owner or designated representative shall make the required corrections. SprinkSpec Design has the inspectors to identify the code issues and designers to help prepare you a plan to get your facility code compliant.  

The property owner or designated representative is responsible for maintaining a water based fire protection system. Let our team help you with training and the specific requirements identified in NFPA 25 so that your system is compliant, functional and effective when you need it the most.

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Fire Protection System Design


Our experienced staff and design engineers work closely with you, insurance companies and the Authority Having Jurisdiction 'AHJ' to design a fire protection system per NFPA and local code requirements based on each facilities specific needs.

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Service Hours

Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday - Closed

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Contact Us

18090 Matthews St, Riverview, MI 48193, USA

(734) 301-6141

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